Dear ZYLE Daewoo Bus Customers,

We appreciate your visit to ZYLE Daewoo Bus's website. We hope this will give you an opportunity to understand ZYLE Daewoo Bus.

Since its establishment in 1955, ZYLE Daewoo Bus has been specialized in the field of manufacturing large buses throughout the world. Especially, became an affiliated company of Young An, in 2003, ZYLE Daewoo Bus has grown into a global bus manufacturer in its capacity of around 20,000 units per annum, which has 2 manufacturing plants in Korea and 7 overseas manufacturing plants and 15 KD (knock-down) worldwide partners.
Now, ZYLE Daewoo Bus supplies its products worldwide through its global sales network and distributors in 60 countries, which are received the highest reputation from customers due to its high level of quality and performance.

In line with such quantitative growth, Daewoo bus has focused on its R&D activities to meet global quality standard based on technical know-how accumulated for over 55 years in order to increase customers' comfort and safety and to develop eco-friendly technology. With this effort, we launched a variety of outstanding new models such as high-deck bus BX212, cutting edge FX series bus, low floor bus for comfort of elderly and disable people, CNG bus and so on.

Finally we, all employees of ZYLE Daewoo Bus, do our best to provide our customers with qualified buses and better after-sales service under the mission that the customer's value is always considered first.

Thank you.

ZYLE Daewoo Bus Company CEO.